Glass Box Man.

Glass-box Man lives inside a big glass box.  No-one can see it, and no-one can touch it, but everyone knows it is there.

Inside his glass box, Glass-box Man is terribly lonely.  Wherever he goes people can see Glass-box Man inside his glass box, and they can hear him when he speaks, (which isn’t very often because he is also shy and embarrassed about living inside his glass box), but they cannot touch him – and he cannot touch them.

When Glass-box Man is at the shops and is walking up and down the aisles pushing his trolley, people can pick up the packets of food in his trolley, but they can’t reach Glass-box Man because of the box.

When Glass-box Man walks home past the school, or the park, he can see the children laughing and playing but he knows he cannot go and join in, because of his glass box.

Even at the doctor, no-one can touch Glass-box Man, although they can see that he is sick and they can hear him cough and sneeze, and sometimes sob, because of his glass box.

That was until last Tuesday.

Last Tuesday Glass-box Man was walking home from the shops, carrying his groceries, when something strange happened.  Just as Glass-box Man was nearing the school a cricket ball came flying out between the trees and hit Glass-box Man in the forehead.

“Ouch!” he yelled, and dropped his groceries.  The people in the street helped him pick up the groceries and put them back into the bags, and a small boy took Glass-box Man’s hand and helped him to his feet.

“Ooh, that must hurt,” said the boy, gently touching the red lump on Glass-box Man’s head where the ball had struck him, “you should get home fast and put some frozen peas on that.”  The boy gave Glass-box Man his groceries, and a big smile, and ran off towards the park carrying the cricket ball.

“Wait!” yelled Glass-box Man, but the boy had disappeared into the trees and was gone.

Now everyone can touch No-box Man, and he can touch them.  No-one can explain how the cricket ball broke No-box Man’s glass box, (since no-one had ever seen or touched the box in the first place, not even Glass-box Man), and stranger still no-one knows who the mysterious boy was.  But since No-box Man can now enjoy being with other people, no-one really cares how it happened, they are just thankful that it did.  Most of all No-box Man, whose name is actually Malcolm.

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