Ouch, That Helped!


This is not one of those stories.  I need to write the disclaimer before we get too much further into this in case the thought arises.  “Oh, it’s one of those stories.”  Well I’m telling you it’s not.  I know about those stories, too much actually, far more than I’d be prepared to admit, so I know that this isn’t that.

Oddly it is a story of healing.  Perhaps a story of pleasure, (although this is not one ofthose stories), but it truly is a fine fine line Christina Joy.

Boys are good at doing things in solitude.  Making use of the lavatory is an example of this.  Even though men piss publicly in ways that that women don’t; shoulder to silent shoulder, eyes front and centred within the council-provided facilities that dot high streets, shopping malls, and seaside promenades, men don’t accompany each other in the way that women will,.  Men don’t have boyfriends in the way that women have girlfriends.  It’s just not done, and whilst it may well be EPL it’s just not cricket.  No, women do things in groups where men do things alone.  Girls find help from others where boys find space unaccompanied.

I had no idea.

The American Crisis

It was Rachael, one of the teachers, who first raised the topic with me.  As the “expert from County” she thought I’d be the one with the wisdom.  Had I not seen it too?  Did I not also suspect?  Once she told me it fell in to place, the scales fell away, I once was blonde but now eyes see, and what I seen was dastardly.

The girls, to put it simply, were getting themselves punished.

(Remember, this is not one of those stories.)

But is it still “self-harm” if it’s a teacher slippering you?

It’s manipulation is what it is.  (Although in the case of County it was womanipulation as schools are strictly regulated in “the use of means” such that only female teachers “dealt with” female students.)

Rights of Man

Rachael spoke of a concern that since the death of her step-father, Brady had newly been getting herself into situations requiring sanction.  Yes she ever appeared in the office penitent and afraid, and yes she cried and cried out upon delivery, (no “pleasure” here), but come time she’d be back in chambers.  And there would be two of them.  Always Brady, but she was never alone.  The other girl was different each time, but there were always two.

What to do?

English: "Old School" at Thetford Gr...

The Age of Reason

The obvious action was to remove the sanction.  But to exclude the a girl instead, to send her home at lunchtime to an unsupervised dwelling, might itself have been a greater evil than allowing her to stay with us, even if seated uncomfortably.

To instead isolate her in a different room of the school merely sent her, with fingernails within the folds of her top to rake across her abdomen, back to the action we were mandated to stall.  Request she desist, she pleads “or else you’ll do what?”

Ignore the disobedience itself, offer no sanction, and in Brady’s case she went the way of all men, asking a friend to help, and thus divulge to her girl-friends and -enemies a further way of “making it look like some else did it”.

What to do?  What to do?


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