Chosen and Special

 The Girl In The Orange Dress by Margot Starbuck

 An adopted child’s journey toward accepting her Father’s love.

“Girl” + “Dress” = “Chick book.”  Well not in this case.  I have no doubt that women would enjoy this book, in fact I have now passed my copy on to my mum.  But this is a book for anyone searching for a sense of belonging and value in a world of disappointment, betrayal, abandonment and rejection.

This is not the story of an unhappy childhood, far from it.  Margot Starbuck felt special as an adopted child because she had been chosen to be loved: the more her family fragmented into divorce, the more grown-ups she had to love her.  When she herself had grown up and was looking back it was then than the injustice of the men in her life surfaced.  None of her “daddies” had hung around – so why would God?

I enjoyed the description of a life of faith lived in spite of the bruises.  I connected with the honest and heart-felt questioning of God’s capacity to care, and with how the worst place to be when in pain is amongst the pleasantries of your local congregation.

Sometimes we have to choose to be chosen.  If we choose to be chosen then God does come through.  Still, I am relieved that according to Margot Starbuck there are at least two of us in the world today who had to make it happen.  Perhaps you’re the third.


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