Learning to Adore

The Fire of Your Life by Maggie Ross

A mystic’s year of seasonal reflections.

“Be still, and know that I am God.”  That’s a command, not only an invitation.  Jesus took time away from the crowds and the twelve to be alone with his God.  If the Son needed to do this in Roman Judea, then today’s daughters and sons probably do too.

Ross is a professed solitary who nonetheless writes for the practical needs of today’s Christians: be that the need for a taxi in New York, (you pray to the nearest fire hydrant), or the need to understand how chastity works in a world where many people are unmarried, some are homosexual, and all are bombarded by options without guidance.

The fire of my life needed stoking up, and thanks to the wisdom I have read here I had the time and the timber to do just that.  If you need it to I am sure it will reward you too.




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