Soul Music

 I Connecting: The Soul’s Quest by Kristina Kaine

People exist as body, soul, and spirit: but we are not fully alive if we don’t understand and nurture all three.

 Apparently it works like this.  “The-I” is my spirit: my spirit is the Artist: my soul is the artwork: my body is the canvas.   My spirit is “the-I” who am when I refer to myself (I/me/ego), it is my real self which is expressed as personality through my soul.   Follow? Hmm.

Kaine argues that if I don’t like who “I” am, then I will try to hide from that.  Addictions and issues with identity arise as I attempt to escape who I am.  In a similar way she sees Autism and the social disconnection of many (young) people in the twenty-first century as loose connections between body and soul.  The spirit is indeed willing, but the rudderless flesh is weak.  To heal ourselves, and our society, we need to reconnect our physical being with our individual souls, and put our unique spirit in charge.  As a school CPS worker I value this insight and the daily exercises for soul restoration in the final chapter; these will spur me to ponder anew the non-physical reasons behind what I daily encounter as a counsellor and chaplain.

This book engages the spiritual seeking of today and acknowledges the activity of the human spirit without reference to religious doctrines or practices.  Kaine embraces a holistic view of humanity, yet she makes no reference to how God acts upon the spirit and soul of a person. It seems that my spirit is what I allow it to be; myself fully alive, and I don’t need supernatural input for that.  I wonder if religion is where “the-I” connects with God: perhaps that’s for the Christian that “I” am to explore.


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