Theology for The Least

Hope In An Age Of Despair by Albert Nolan

A reader in an apartheid-era Liberation Theology.

The Gospel that we preach will not be a Gospel of Jesus Christ unless it takes sides with those who are sinned against: the poor and the oppressed.

“For use by white persons” – sign from the apa...

“For use by white persons” – sign from the apartheid era Español: “Sólo para blancos” – letrero de la era del apartheid (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I found this book both useful and engaging as the Lectionary  directed my preaching through God’s preference for compassion rather than sacrifice.  According to Nolan Yahweh was the God who sided against “the powers that be” to rescue a people group trapped by the system.  That is what sets our God apart from all the other gods of ancient Egypt and modern South Africa.  Poverty is a structural problem as much in today’s world as it was in the days of Israel’s judges and kings.  Yet we cannot stop there, and Nolan directs his readers beyond a denunciation of injustice to an annunciation of the hope of a liberated society.  Don’t just complain, proclaim.

The most valuable contribution that a Christian can make in our age of despair is to continue, because of our faith, to act hopefully, and in that way to be an encouragement to those who have lost all hope.



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