Chosen and Special

Book: The Good And Beautiful God by James Bryan Smith

The basics in a life of grace and confidence in the love of God

“Falling in love with the God Jesus knows.”  That sounds wonderful doesn’t it?  This is one of the books I have been looking for all my life and I am pleased that it is but the first in a series of four books exploring a practical spirituality for twenty-first century local churches.

Cover of

Cover via Amazon

Smith confronts the false narrative that God’s love is based upon our efforts to “try harder” or “be good”, instead presenting a God who is good, holy, trustworthy, generous, self-sacrificing and transforming.  The God of Smith’s experience created women and men to enjoy God above all, and to live in a relationship of love with God that fills all corners of their lives.  Books to follow in the series will deal with a “good and beautiful life” (living a transformed life in the face of issues) and a “good and beautiful community” (living the good and beautiful life in public).

This would be an excellent resource for small group study as it includes group reflection and discussion questions along with a weekly “soul training” task for individuals.

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