What happened on Thursday morning?

What happened on Thursday morning?.


2 thoughts on “What happened on Thursday morning?

  1. Thanks for re-blogging this Damien – I also have re-blogged it onto another forum I’m part of. It’s something of a needed kick up the proverbial for me. I’ve been following the situation a little and praying, but could do more.

    • Thanks Roelant, yes it is certainly something that is so easily overlooked and yet so vital that it be remembered. I found this link first through Andrew’s twitter feed and notice that one of the comments on there was “so what did you do”? I hope there was more than just a subdued morning tea offered in response to this.

      The centenary of the commencement of the genocide of Armenian Christians in Turkey falls on 24th April this year. I wonder how that will be remembered, if at all, in the light of another Turkish event which will be celebrating its centenary on the following day. #notJanuary26buttheotherInvasionDay

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