Alpha: Essence

Nicky Gumbel offers in Questions of Life that the essence of sin is to live as if God does not exist, or at least to act as if the god who does exist is not God. Sin is characterised as disobedience and selfishness.

But I wonder what that says when we consider the Kingdom of God as our starting point. Are sinners saved by grace (we tend to call such persons “Christians”) sinning when they live outside the requirements of the Reign of God? What of those who obey the Ten Commandments, practice the rituals of the congregation, seek to display all of the characteristics of the fruit of the Spirit, and operate out of the charismata but don’t actively protest systematic injustice or poor stewardship of the natural environment?

Is it enough to be Evangelical and focused on soul winning and Scriptural discipleship or do we need to think about the out working of what the world would operate like if God were king and no other sort of monarch or president were?

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