Adoration of Joseph

A prayer of Adoration based on Psalm 105:16-22

Master of the Universe!

God of my ancestors!

Provider of all that is Good:

and sustainer of all who do good and do evil in this world.

For the purposes of your plan you summoned famine against the land, every land, and you broke all supply of bread.

For the purposes of your plan before you did that, you sent a man ahead of the agents of destruction, and you sent him in secret as a sold slave.  His highborn feet were offended by fetters, his lordly neck was confined within a collar of iron and until what the incarcerated agent of restoration said had come to pass.

Upon the great house’s summons the cast down man was sent for, cast up and released; the ruler of the peoples set him free. The king made the slave lord of his kingdom, ruler of all his possessions, guardian of his belongings, and instructor of his officials to teach his elders wisdom.

I am that man: it was me who you chose.  You chose my father, Abram and you chose my father, Israel.  In every choosing you are to be praised by those to whom you are present, and wondered at in awe by those who see your work among the lives of the chosen.

God of the Chosen and Lord of the World.

We see your glory, we accept your invitation, and we glorify your name.


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