May I not come Now?

An Adoration centred on Philippians 1:21-30


To live is Christ, to die is gain, that’s what Paul said.

And he’s right, so why not move to the gain part right now?


God whom we love and adore, even as we live in your presence on Earth

we miss you.

We want to be where you are, without limitation,

Not that we want to be all powerful,

but that we want to be so close to you that

we could never be drawn away from you again.


And so, Lord, while you keep us here,

(here where you said you’d never leave us),

be very near us,

so that we can be very near to you,

even as we work and live to bring others nearer to you

than they are today.


If we may not come now,

(we who long for you desperately),

assure us that we when we do come,

in the fullness of Kairos time,

that we will not come alone.



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