God’s Family and Mine

This is the text of my Minister’s Message for the November 2018 pew-sheet at KSSM

Recently I have been thinking about families and particularly the families that I belong to.  In natural terms I am a brother with a brother and a sister and I am a brother-in-law to my siblings’ spouses.  I am a son to two parents, an uncle to two (almost three) nephews and a niece, and I am a nephew.  I am a cousin, a second-cousin, and first-cousin-once removed in that I know and relate to people who are attached to my family in those ways. In Christian terms I am a son of God (but not “The Son of God”) and a brother to each of you, whether you are a sister or a brother to me.

But I am also mindful of the wider Church and particularly of my sister-brothers in Christ who experience pain, loss, opposition, threats, and sadness from others because of their love for Christ.  Let this month of November, when we look toward December and Christmas, be a month of remembering all for whom Jesus came and especially for our own beloved family where it is hurting.


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