Between Times

This is the text of the message I wrote for the December 2018 pewsheet for KSSM.

Many of you heard me say that I spent a decade living in the UK, a decade ago, and that 2003 was a very difficult year.  One of the ways I dealt with the uncertainty of my life’s situation in the dark days was to journal.  Recently I have been thinking about that journal; I have not read for ages but I do remember writing in it.

I remember one day sitting in the public library at Luton reflecting in writing that I was very much in the midst of troubles.  I did not know what the future would hold or how my tumultuous adventures in poverty, isolation, and homelessness would end; but I was entirely confident that “one day” they would end and that I would be alright.  I don’t recall the wording, but I can see myself sitting at the table, I can see the journal in front of me, and I can hear myself thinking as I wrote (even if I can’t see what I wrote) that this was an odd story.  I am in trouble, I know I am in trouble, and I am in the middle of the trouble still, but “one day” the trouble will end.  I don’t know which day or how long until then, but there will be “one day” when God will come and it will be alright.

That day, that good day, was seven months in the future as I wrote.  This Advent season let’s remember that “one day” may not be as soon as we’d like, but the day is coming, and when it arrives it will have Jesus in all glory at its centre.


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