A Communion

This is the text of a communion rite I wrote for Servi Church in the Churches of Christ tradition.

Recently I had a birthday which brought up a significant number of years. No, it’s not one of those that ends in a zero (although I’m getting close), more the multiplication of a significant age. In 2020 I celebrated turning sixteen for the third time, (so I’m 48 for those of you who struggle with the maths). There’s not much “sweet” about me and there wasn’t 32 years ago either; however my sixteenth birthday brought one specific present, a cassette of Steve Grace’s album “Children of The Western World”. This album was one of the first in Australia to be simultaneously released on vinyl, cassette, and CD, and it was Australia’s first Christian music CD release. More significant for me is that it still provides me with regular, gravelly-voiced ear-worms. I haven’t had that cassette for years, it disappeared long ago, but the music remains with me.

More recently another ear-worm has appeared, and again it’s Steve Grace who provided it. The almost constant soundtrack of life in Kaniva for me goes like:

Oh we need God in this town,/ We need Jesus/ Oh Holy Spirit come down! (“God in this Town” from the album Follow, c. Southern Land Records, 2001)

I met Steve in person once, and he’s now a mate of my dad’s. I’ve never heard Steve sing live, but then he’s constantly going on in my head anyway. Some of the time Steve Grace’s is the Voice of God, or at least what God’s voice sounds like some of the time.

In another week of Coronavirus deaths and restrictions, and #BLM deaths and curfews, it’s not just Serviceton who needs Jesus. Lock-down has made a mess of trips to Bordertown for some of us, but there’s not been rioting here and there’s been no Covid-19 deaths in the Wimmera. But we do need Jesus, and my prayer is that Holy Spirit will come down.

Let’s pray:

Yehu’shua, God’s Salvation, we need saving.

Our world is sick with illness and violence

and whilst our planet has been healing

our societies have been fracturing.

Holy Spirit come down.

As you eat and drink together in your households, alone (with Jesus), or as family, or even as a congregation of neighbours, know that the table wherever you are is The LORD’s table and that all are welcome to sit with him at it. Children of the Western World, and of the Southern and Eastern worlds too, all are family where the Father is acknowledged. Amen.

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