This is what I used to look like in photos, until I grew a beard and bought new glasses.  2012 this photo I think, it’s my official picture from when I was a school chaplain.

So I’m Damien, and I am currently (2018- ) pastor (Ministry of Pastor within the Uniting Church in Australia) of  “KSSM” or Kaniva and Serviceton Shared Ministry.

Kaniva and Serviceton are towns in the far west of Victoria, a state of Australia.  The shared bit means that we are a joint work of the Uniting Church, and the Churches of Christ.  My church is therefore Presbyterian, Methodist, Congregationalist, and of the Stone-Campbell Movement in heritage.  We also have Lutheran members (since there’s no local church for them), and some ex-hyphen people of various Christian denominations.

Much of this blog is now my sermons, from KSSM and a couple of other places where I served as a lay preacher or as a Ministry Supply Agent (preacher and pastoral-care locum).  You’ll also find some old book reviews which I wrote for “New Times”, the magazine of the South Australian synod of the Uniting Church, the reviews posted here were not published by “New Times”, the published ones now belong to it.  There’s also a bunch of stuff I wrote before I became involved in preaching and book reviews, mostly that stuff is pre-2010.

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